All the Cooking from the heart recipes are listed here in alphabetical order. Use the search function to find something specific.

African salad with a twistPap is eaten in many South African homes. Each family has their way of enjoying it, with either maas or buttermilk or a tomato-based sauce.
Baby marrow noodlesA delicious way to bulk up a portion of pasta for a meal. Or enjoy as a green veggie to fill your plate.
BraaibroodjiesA typical side dish at a South African braai. These toasted sarmies cooked over the coals are a delicious braai side dish. Remember to make a healthier bread choice by using brown or wholewheat bread.
Butternut and cauliflower mashRemember that although butternut contains carbohydrates it is a better choice than potatoes. Cauliflower adds more bulk to this side dish.
Butternut and sweetcorn bakeButternut is a versatile veggie with a naturally sweet flavour. The creamy sweetcorn makes this a sweet and delicious side dish without the need for cream or butter.
Creamy mashed potatoesMashed potato has its own creamy texture. Just a little bit of milk and oil is enough to make it smooth. Try out your own flavours with different herbs and spices.
Curried green beans and onionsThe sweet-sour flavour of curried beans is typically South African but can be very sweet. This version has a good balance between the different flavours.
Lemony brown riceBrown rice has a delicious nutty flavour and is a much better carb choice as it has a slower release of energy and contains fibre. Although it cooks longer, it is well worth the wait – especially with this lemony flavour.
Mealie meal and corn bakePAP: a staple food for many South Africans; a porridge made from mealie meal (maize meal) cooked with water and salt to different consistencies.
Oven-baked chipsThese are a healthy alternative to deep-fried chips. Kids love them and the garlic becomes sweet and golden for the adults. Do try the flavour options in the tips.
Potato saladPotato salad is often covered in mayonnaise. The combination of yoghurt and mayonnaise makes it lower in fat and even more yummy.
Pull-apart breadThis bread looks impressive and is so easy to prepare – no kneading is required. The wholewheat flour adds extra fibre and the yoghurt lends a soft texture.
Roasted cauliflower and broccoliThe roasted flavour of two everyday ingredients combined with cumin makes this a special side dish. A low-carb veggie to fill your plate with.
Sweetcorn frittersThese fritters are a delicious treat to serve as a side dish with your next meal – the kids will beg for more. The wholewheat in the batter also makes it nutritious and filling.
Versatile dressingShop-bought salad dressings can be high in hidden sugar, salt and fat. Therefore, homemade is best, as you can control what and how much of it you put in the dressing. This dressing is great with salad, but do not pour the dressing over the salad, rather serve at the table so everyone can add their own. Or use it to marinate or roast meat and chicken. Vegetables can also be prepared with the dressing. See the tips below.
Yummy potato bakeA potato bake is always a favourite, but is often very rich and salty. Try this version with yoghurt and mushrooms and watch how it becomes your new favourite.