All the Cooking from the heart recipes are listed here in alphabetical order. Use the search function to find something specific.

Bean and beef casseroleSoaking the beans overnight takes some planning, but worth the wait for a hearty family meal.
Beef stew with vegetablesWe all enjoy a mouth-watering stew on a cold day. This is a simple, yet flavourful stew, with a combination of cabbage and carrots. Remember to remove all the visible fat from the meat, to keep it healthier.
Chicken and broccoli bakeChicken and broccoli is a great combination. This is a quick and easy meal for the whole family. The chicken is cooked with Rooibos tea, instead of salty stock and seasoned with lemon rind and bay leaves which adds delicious flavour to this one-pot dish.
Lentil bobotieA typical South African dish, prepared as a vegetarian version. The sweet potato bulks up the recipe to make a filling meal, without the need for additional rice – especially when you need to control your carb portions.
Sweet and sour porkThis homemade version of a typical takeaway meal is healthy and wholesome. The pineapple gives the dish a lovely sweet flavour which works well with pork, beef or chicken.
Tuna and bean hot potTuna is a healthy and affordable source of lean protein and this meal is perfect to enjoy in a bowl - to warm you up.
Veggie and mince ‘lasagne’Veggies are layered instead of pasta, making a tasty and equally filling meal. The buttermilk topping is a great way to reduce the cheese – do try it.