All the Cooking from the heart recipes are listed here in alphabetical order. Use the search function to find something specific.

Apple puddingApples and cinnamon are comforting flavours, especially in winter. Swap your custard or ice cream for plain low-fat yoghurt.
Baked sticky puddingMost baked puddings are quite sweet. The combination of buttermilk and ginger makes this an interesting variation on a well-loved favourite.
Bread puddingA healthier version of a bread and butter pudding and a great way to use up day-old bread. The raisins and jam add a lovely sweet flavour and the spices make it the perfect, winter comfort dessert.
Chocolate fondueThis interactive way of serving dessert is a healthier alternative to overly sweet puddings. The chocolate sauce is delicious with any seasonal fresh fruit.
Fruit parcels over the coalsPrepare these parcels over medium to cooler coals. Have them ready so that you can cook them on the fire, once you have finished braaiing and everyone is clearing the table.
Lemon cheesecakeThis is an easy and simple fridge cheesecake. Most recipes use cream cheese and cream, but smooth cottage cheese is delicious and the cream is not necessary.
Malva puddingThis is a much-loved traditional dessert. Few things can warm and comfort like a bowlful with homemade vanilla custard. This version is not too sweet and the buttermilk adds a soft texture.
Milk tartThis no-bake custard filling is delicious and easy to make.
Pancakes with fruitMost families have a pancake tradition, whether it’s just because it’s raining or for a special treat.