All the Cooking from the heart recipes are listed here in alphabetical order. Use the search function to find something specific.

Barbecue sauceA versatile sauce, as it can be used as a marinade or sauce to accompany meat and side dishes.
BraaibroodjiesA typical side dish at a South African braai. These toasted sarmies cooked over the coals are a delicious braai side dish. Remember to make a healthier bread choice by using brown or wholewheat bread.
Chocolate fondueThis interactive way of serving dessert is a healthier alternative to overly sweet puddings. The chocolate sauce is delicious with any seasonal fresh fruit.
Chunky roasted veggies with beansHow does a three ‘b’ salad sound? Roasted beans, butternut & beetroot, don’t only look colourful, but tastes delicious and is wholesome too.
Curried green beans and onionsThe sweet-sour flavour of curried beans is typically South African but can be very sweet. This version has a good balance between the different flavours.
Dry braai rubMake a big batch of this dry rub and store in a jar to have in your kitchen for a variety of meals.
Fruit parcels over the coalsPrepare these parcels over medium to cooler coals. Have them ready so that you can cook them on the fire, once you have finished braaiing and everyone is clearing the table.
Malva puddingThis is a much-loved traditional dessert. Few things can warm and comfort like a bowlful with homemade vanilla custard. This version is not too sweet and the buttermilk adds a soft texture.
Mealie meal and corn bakePAP: a staple food for many South Africans; a porridge made from mealie meal (maize meal) cooked with water and salt to different consistencies.
Pull-apart breadThis bread looks impressive and is so easy to prepare – no kneading is required. The wholewheat flour adds extra fibre and the yoghurt lends a soft texture.
Spicy marinadeThis marinade is delicious with chicken, beef, lamb or fish and ideal for homemade sosaties.
Tomato saladSuch a simple combination of ingredients, which results in a refreshing salad to serve with any meal.
Veggie skewersThese skewers are delicious braaied over the coals. Serve as a side dish with a plant based protein, like the Carrot & bean patties