All the Cooking from the heart recipes are listed here in alphabetical order. Use the search function to find something specific.

African salad with a twistPap is eaten in many South African homes. Each family has their way of enjoying it, with either maas or buttermilk or a tomato-based sauce.
Apple and cinnamon muffinsThese delicious muffins are made healthier with wholewheat flour and grated apples and carrots. The cinnamon gives them a lovely flavour – a treat that the whole family can enjoy.
Apple puddingApples and cinnamon are comforting flavours, especially in winter. Swap your custard or ice cream for plain low-fat yoghurt.
Baked fish with tomatoesIf you often prepare fish with a creamy white sauce, rather try this healthy and tasty tomato and herb version.
Baked sticky puddingMost baked puddings are quite sweet. The combination of buttermilk and ginger makes this an interesting variation on a well-loved favourite.
Banana breadBanana bread is a great way to use overripe bananas. It is perfect for a lunch box snack for the kids.
Beef stew with vegetablesWe all enjoy a mouth-watering stew on a cold day. This is a simple, yet flavourful stew, with a combination of cabbage and carrots. Remember to remove all the visible fat from the meat, to keep it healthier.
Bread puddingA healthier version of a bread and butter pudding and a great way to use up day-old bread. The raisins and jam add a lovely sweet flavour and the spices make it the perfect, winter comfort dessert.
Brown lentil pattiesLentils and butter beans, seasoned with a few everyday ingredients, are perfect for wholesome and delicious vegetarian patties. The kids will love them too! Remember to make a healthier bread choice and enjoy with fresh salad ingredients.
Buttermilk and cheese breadMany people know a recipe for a buttermilk bread using soup powder, but is very salty. This version works equally well and goes perfectly with a braai.
Butternut and sweetcorn bakeButternut is a versatile veggie with a naturally sweet flavour. The creamy sweetcorn makes this a sweet and delicious side dish without the need for cream or butter.
Butternut soupThe spices and apple add delicious flavours to the soup and the potatoes give it a creamy texture.
Chicken à la kingThis is a healthier version of a family favourite. The chicken is cooked in natural seasonings to make its own ‘stock’ which gives the dish a delicious flavour – no need for unhealthy soup powders or ready-made sauces here!
Chicken biryaniMany people make a mutton biryani, but a chicken version is lower in fat and quicker to cook.
Chicken pieInstead of a typical puff pastry, chicken pie can be just as delicious with a homemade pouring batter on top.
Chicken stir-frySwap your Chinese takeaways for this delicious home version, which is less fatty and salty, and quick to make.
Chocolate cakeThere is nothing like some chocolate to treat yourself. This is so easy to bake and ideal for a birthday or school market days.
Chutney chickenThanks to chutney being a true South African ingredient, everyone has a variation of this recipe. To make it lower in fat, but still yummy, yoghurt is used instead of mayonnaise.
Creamy mashed potatoesMashed potato has its own creamy texture. Just a little bit of milk and oil is enough to make it smooth. Try out your own flavours with different herbs and spices.
Crustless vegetable quichePastry is very high in fat so this crustless quiche is a healthier alternative and great for both teatime or as a light lunch with a salad.
Fish cakes with pilchardsFish on a Friday is a familiar favourite. A tin of pilchards can go a long way to feed a family quickly.
Hearty bean soupThe dried beans, lentils and veggies make this a filling soup for winter. Beans and lentils are a healthy source of protein.
Homemade brown breadBaking your own bread is not only rewarding, but can be healthier too. The brown bread flour and crushed wheat adds texture and fibre to this recipe.
Homemade chicken stockThis tasty stock can be used to flavour soups, stews or any other dish that requires stock. Shop-bought stocks are often very salty, so rather make your own. It is also a great way to use the carcasses or bones from deboned chicken, for instance, which you prepared for a chicken pie or soup - that you would normally throw away.
Lemon cheesecakeThis is an easy and simple fridge cheesecake. Most recipes use cream cheese and cream, but smooth cottage cheese is delicious and the cream is not necessary.
Lemon chickenThis versatile one-pan chicken recipe is so easy to prepare. You can add other veggies to the pan or see the tip for a stove top version.
Lentils and riceBrown rice and lentils are a perfect combination. Together they form a complete protein, making this a wholesome meal.
Masala chicken with potatoesChicken curry is a very popular dish, but often uses rich, unhealthy ingredients like ghee (clarified butter) and cream. This version uses buttermilk or yoghurt to give it that creamy consistency.
Mealie breadThis is one of those popular South African recipes and is great for a side dish at a braai or as part of a lunch box snack.
Meat ballsThis recipe is a great way to hide veggies from fussy eaters. Make double the batch and freeze for later.
Milk tartThis no-bake custard filling is delicious and easy to make.
Mushroom soupThis mushroom soup is a family favourite and is perfect for a special occasion. The homemade stock is delicious and contains no added salt.
Oat cookiesSurprise your kids with these yummy cookies. They won’t even know that they are high in fibre.
One-pot chickenFamily food at its best. This tasty all-in-one chicken dish is a wholesome meal, made with everyday ingredients, that everyone in the family will enjoy.
Oven-baked chipsThese are a healthy alternative to deep-fried chips. Kids love them and the garlic becomes sweet and golden for the adults. Do try the flavour options in the tips.
Pancakes with fruitMost families have a pancake tradition, whether it’s just because it’s raining or for a special treat.
Pork sosatiesSosaties or kebabs are a popular way to cook meat over the coals. This simple marinade can be used for any meat.
Potato saladPotato salad is often covered in mayonnaise. The combination of yoghurt and mayonnaise makes it lower in fat and even more yummy.
Ratatouille with eggsEggs are an important part of a healthy diet. So include them as part of your weekly meals.
Roasted vegetables with pastaRoasted veggies are so versatile and delicious as part of a vegetarian meal. The beans add protein to make a wholesome, balanced mid-week supper. Or leave out the pasta and beans and serve veggies as a side dish with chicken or fish.
RotisRotis are often associated with a time-consuming process and for being quite fatty. These are easy to make and don’t require lots of fat.
RusksRusks are delicious with a cup of tea or for a coffee break. The oats, bran and seeds add extra texture to this South African treat.
SconesHomemade scones are such a treat and this version is easy to make. The wholewheat flour adds a slightly nutty flavour and the yoghurt gives them a soft, light texture.
Snoek with apricot jamSnoek is delicious with a touch of sweetness and a mild spice like cumin. Try it in the oven or braai it outside.
Spaghetti bologneseThis basic mince sauce can be used in many ways and is perfect for a mid-week meal.
Spicy pilchard stewSome people call this a pilchard stew and others know it as a smorrie or smoortjie. It doesn’t matter what you call it, you will enjoy this healthy and tasty meal.
Spicy samp and beansThis dish (also known as umngqusho) needs a bit of planning as you need to soak the samp and beans overnight.
Steak with mushroom sauceA perfectly cooked steak, homemade sauce and veggies can be a delicious meal for a special occasion. The mushroom sauce is prepared with fresh mushrooms, onions, milk and thyme, instead of pre-prepared sauce mixes or soup powders, which can be very unhealthy.
Stew with beef and tomatoesThis hearty beef stew is packed with flavour and all the veggies help to add bulk up the meal. Remember, when cooking red meat to remove all visible fat and spoon off any fat from the top of the stew before serving.
Sweetcorn frittersThese fritters are a delicious treat to serve as a side dish with your next meal – the kids will beg for more. The wholewheat in the batter also makes it nutritious and filling.
Three bean saladEverybody knows a three bean salad. This version uses less oil and sugar and is just as tasty.
Tuna bakeThis is so easy that you can get the kids to help.
Tuna pie with potato toppingThis delicious pie recipe uses just two tins of tuna and veggies to feed a family. The potato and tomato topping is a little different from the typical pie toppings and much healthier than pastry.
Vegetable soup with minceThe dried soup mix in this recipe is made up of dried lentils, barley and split peas. These bulk up the soup, while the mince gives it a delicious meaty flavour. A nutritious soup to feed many mouths.
Whole roasted peri-peri chickenA roast chicken is often served as a Sunday lunch and is always popular. Remember that peri-peri is quite hot, so season it to your family’s preference. Or use more paprika instead of the peri-peri for a milder flavour.
Yummy potato bakeA potato bake is always a favourite, but is often very rich and salty. Try this version with yoghurt and mushrooms and watch how it becomes your new favourite.