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Colourful slaw with ginger and peanuts

Yields1 Serving

 60 ml olive or canola oil
 45 ml red grape or apple cider vinegar
 30 ml soy sauce
 20 ml finely grated fresh ginger
 1 small red chilli, seeded and finely chopped, or to taste (optional)
 45 ml chopped fresh coriander or parsley
 60 ml finely chopped unsalted peanuts
 lemon juice and black pepper to taste
 500 ml each shredded white and red cabbage (or more white)
 1 large spinach leaf, shredded
 2 carrots, peeled and coarsely grated
 ¼ cucumber, quartered and thinly sliced
 1 medium pineapple, quartered and thinly sliced
 1 celery stalk with the leaves, thinly sliced
 ½ red or green pepper, seeded, quartered and thinly sliced

This recipe is in Cooking from the Heart 4

Ready in 1 hour

The colours in the salad remind us of the tradition of a special seven colour Sunday lunch – something many South Africans enjoy.

1.  Dressing: Stir all the ingredients together in a mixing bowl.
2.  Salad: Mix all the slaw ingredients together in a large bowl. Pour the dressing over and toss well. Allow salad to stand for 10 - 15 minutes before serving it. This will allow the salad to marinate.
3.  Serve slaw as a side dish at a braai.

1. This dressing can be used as a marinade for fish, chicken, pork or veggies.
2. Add toasted coconut to the dressing instead of the peanuts.
3. Serve with steak or leftover braaied chicken in wholewheat rolls or pitas.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 8 to 10