Light a fire, gather your family and friends and get the meat and sides ready – September is Braai month in South Africa. And this month there is even more reason to get excited about lighting a fire. Cooking from the heart is launching a brand-new recipe book. The book is available, free of charge from this website link. .

In our beautiful country, braaiing is a culture and way of life! No matter the occasion, where you are from or what the weather is like, a braai brings family and friends from all walks of life together and we love to braai. In Cooking from the heart 4, the Braai Edition, we would like to encourage everyone to follow the well-known Cooking from the heart way of eating for the whole family, even at a braai. The emphasis of this recipe book is to make healthy living easier for everyone, with easy to prepare, tasty, healthy and wholesome recipes.

Make healthy choices

Braaiing is considered a healthy way of cooking, as it allows excess fat to cook out and drip away from the food. Less added fat is required for this cooking process, compared to pan-frying for instance. The smoky flavour that braaiing adds to any food, be it meat, fish or veggies cooked over the coals, is such a great seasoning, that little more is needed.

Making the best choices with meat, starch and sides, snacks and even desserts can make all the difference. Portion control as well as the amount and type of fat and oil in your meals. Meat, especially red meat, tends to have a higher fat content, but by following a few basic guidelines, you can still enjoy a variety of meat and other ingredients cooked over the coals.

We have all been to a braai, where the table is loaded with meat and ‘white’ starches. This can range from potato salad, different breads, pap, braaibroodjies, pasta or other starch-based salads, rich potato bakes and more. But we all know that starch only, is not such a healthy choice – rather have a more balanced plate of food to make sure that your meal is nutritious. Salads and non-starchy veggie dishes should always be part of the meal to enjoy something from every food group.

As convenient as it is to use ready-made products, like marinades, salad dressings, sauces, snacks, pre-prepared salads, side dishes and desserts, shop-bought versions tend to be much higher in salt, sugar, chemical preservatives, colourants and other refined products. The solution is to rather make it at home and this recipe book is packed with lots of practical hints and tips with delicious recipes to braai the Cooking from the heart way.

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