Heart Health Matters

Today, for tomorrow

Statistics from StatsSA and the WHO Global Status Report further show that compared to Brazil, Russia, India and China, South African women have the highest incidence of heart disease and diabetes, and only Russian men rank higher than South African men for the same conditions.

With more than 61 % of South African adults overweight who are likely to be among the 6.3 million suffering from hypertension – a precursor for heart disease and other forms of serious illness – it has never been more important for South Africans to make healthy eating part of a healthy lifestyle.

Be clever with carbs

November is also known as Diabetes Awareness month. The way someone with diabetes should eat, is a lifestyle which is beneficial for everyone of us. Those with diabetes need to manage the amount and source of starches and sugars which…

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Cooking with fish

Fresh Fish

Do you enjoy fish, but maybe not so keen, or even hesitant to cook it at home? Or maybe you’ve never prepared a piece of fresh fish before. Here are some frequently asked questions to understand and make the most…

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Why make lentils and beans part of your weekly meals?


Lentils and beans boring? Not in the least. These are all part of the legume family and not only are they versatile and affordable, but packed with nutrients. So, whether you decide to use the dried or tinned versions, there’s…

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Nutritious lunch boxes for the whole family

Cooking from the heart is all about helping you to make healthy living a way of life – even when it comes to packing lunch boxes. Yes, it may feel like a chore, but with a bit of planning both…

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Breakfast, yea or nay?

Are you one of those who only eats something by ten or eleven in the morning? Or is breakfast part of your daily routine? Some say they can’t eat that early, while others feel the morning rush leaves no time…

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To sauté or not to sauté

You don’t have to consider yourself a foodie to be a good cook. Nor is a chef’s qualification necessary to feel confident in the kitchen. You may have heard the saying, ‘if you can read, you can cook’. So, all…

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Skillful in the kitchen

It’s one thing to tell people to make healthy eating habits a lifestyle, but if you’re not so confident in the kitchen, this may seem like a daunting task. Luckily, learning to cook is one of those skills that almost…

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The other side of starches

side dishes

Lifestyle diseases, like obesity, heart disease and diabetes are on the rise in South Africa at an alarming rate and one of the biggest culprits is the foods that we eat. Following a healthier lifestyle is therefore something we should…

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Summer braais – the healthy way

Homemade is best – that was last month’s theme. For the holiday weeks, the same applies, especially with all the summer braais we South Africans love. To ensure your braai is a heart healthy meal, you just need to make…

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Guidelines for eating out and the festive season

October to December could easily become the over-indulging months of the year, as we often have one work function or party after the other. Following that, it’s the festive season and then New Year. But with a few tips and…

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Homemade convenience

Home made

It’s THAT time of year! Each week passes faster than the last and we all scramble to get everything done before the year is over. One result of these last few hectic weeks, is that healthy eating habits and balanced…

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To snack or not to snack

healthy snack options

And the answer is, yes – you should snack, as long as it’s on something healthy and nutritious. Let’s look at a few questions people often ask about snacking. Can snacking be part of a healthy lifestyle? Definitely, it’s an…

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What is your point of satisfaction when eating?

Most of us enjoy eating and don’t just eat to ‘still’ a hunger. There are many reasons why we enjoy our food. It may be deliciously tasty; we could have a fond childhood memory of a certain dish or find…

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Feeding picky eaters

‘Mommy, I don’t want to eat that’… have you heard this all too many times? Don’t let these remarks deter your efforts to serve healthy food to your family. As kids develop and grow, their taste buds also mature. Some…

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Hearty portion sizes

Different portion sizes

Eating healthily is not difficult or complicated – it can be easy, fun and exciting. Good food is not bland or boring and doesn’t have to be expensive. The golden rule for healthy eating remains moderation and variation. The many…

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New Cooking from the Heart diabetes friendly recipe book launched

Cooking from the heart

A new diabetes-focussed recipe book by well-known foodie, Heleen Meyer, in partnership with Pharma Dynamics, the Centre for Diabetes and Endocrinology (CDE) and the Heart and Stroke Foundation SA (HSFSA) will be launched in time for National Diabetes Awareness Month…

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