Today, for tomorrow

Many people believe that healthy food is always bland, boring, boiled and expensive. This is a misconception as few basic guidelines and different choices can be the start to a healthier way of living. Good, healthy food can be yummy and nutritious for the whole family, not only to feel healthier, but also to protect us against typical lifestyle diseases often associated with what we eat. It is vital to teach our children good eating habits from a young age.

  • By choosing healthier ingredients and cooking methods, significant changes can be made. For example, grill or roast food rather than deep-frying it.
  • Season food with less salt and use less processed ingredients. Rather use fresh herbs, salt-free spices, lemon juice and pepper.
  • Taking portion size into consideration is another way to make sure that you only eat as much as you need.
  • Remember to make gradual changes – it’s a much more sustainable way make a difference.