Affordable, tasty recipes for breakfast, lunch and snacks – good for the whole family.

‘More than just a sarmie’

Lunch boxes are not only something for the kids, but important for adults too and gone are the days of a boring or soggy sarmie. There are so many other things you can pack for work (or school) – whether you have kitchen facilities at hand or not.

When planning your lunch box or the lunch you eat at home, consider what you ate for breakfast as well as what you will be having for supper. Make sure that the meals for the day have lots of variety and are well balanced. Choose a lunch that will keep you satisfied until suppertime, so that you don’t end up nibbling on unhealthy snacks and treats throughout the afternoon.

Fresh ingredients like veggies and fruit are easy to pack as they need very little preparation. They also add nutrients and fibre to your meal. Add a tasty, healthy dip like guacamole, roasted chickpea dip or even low-fat cottage cheese. Left-over cooked veggies should not be forgotten. Cold baby potatoes, corn on the cob, butternut and even sweet potato are delicious the next day.

Salads are not only for sunny holidays, but perfect lunches for kids and adults. With a little planning – you can also be ready with meat balls, chicken strips and fish cakes to add that all-important lean protein. These are ideal for kids as they are packed with flavour, delicious at room temperature and kids can eat them with their hands. Sandwiches can still be a practical lunch.