Affordable, tasty recipes for breakfast, lunch and snacks – good for the whole family.

‘A break from box cereals’

Weekday breakfasts don’t have to be the same bowl of cereal every day. Not only can it become boring, but boxed cereals are often refined, processed and include added salt and sugar. There are so many healthy breakfast ingredients and, with a little bit of planning, you can start your day with a tasty nutritious meal.

Although time is often an issue in the morning, try to make time to eat a healthy breakfast that keeps you going until lunchtime. There are some quick fixes, like a smoothie or a boiled egg. Pre-make things like your own muesli and add different fruit, nuts, seeds and dairy of your choice. Make sure you combine more than one food group in your meal to add variety and keep you fuller for longer.

This section includes ideas for the whole family, ideal for weekdays and something more special for a weekend or brunch with friends.