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Breakfast, yea or nay?

Are you one of those who only eats something by ten or eleven in the morning? Or is breakfast part of your daily routine? Some say they can’t eat that early, while others feel the morning rush leaves no time for it.

The healthy lifestyle advice to ‘never skip breakfast’, is indeed sound advice. In an attempt to eat less or lose weight, many make the mistake of not eating breakfast. Well, the opposite effect is often the reality. An important benefit of breakfast is that it can help you to control your blood sugar levels during the day. The more these levels spike or drop, the more you’ll feel peckish or hungry. Breakfast may also help to kick-start your metabolism and ability to focus during the day.

If breakfast becomes routine, your body doesn’t have to ‘starve’ and wonder when the next meal will be. Being ravenous later may only leave you eating anything you can tuck into or over-eat at the next meal. Something less healthy, like that slice of cake at tea-time or a pie from the cafeteria, may feel justified as ‘you didn’t have breakfast’. These will unfortunately not keep you full for very long. Although it could feel as if you didn’t eat much during a day, the empty calories do add up and often result in struggling with weight issues or suffering from lifestyle related diseases. Don’t be surprised if skipping breakfast makes it difficult for your metabolic clock to synchronise with the rest of your routine, leaving you hungry at odd times of the day.

Breakfast doesn’t have to be a huge meal, but if it’s filling, balanced and nutritious, you’re good to go. Consider the content and size of the rest of the day’s meals to make a good decision for breakfast. A protein like eggs is perfect to keep you full or add nuts and seeds to oats. Pack something healthy for a little later if you leave the house very early. Avoid pre-prepared box cereals as far as possible, as these can be very high in sugar, quite refined and not really filling.

A good start to your day and making that a routine, will definitely benefit your healthy eating habits. Follow www.facebook.com/CookingFromTheHeartSA for more daily hints, tips and recipes for nutritious breakfasts for the whole family.

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