Heart Health Matters

Today, for tomorrow

Statistics from StatsSA and the WHO Global Status Report further show that compared to Brazil, Russia, India and China, South African women have the highest incidence of heart disease and diabetes, and only Russian men rank higher than South African men for the same conditions.

With more than 61 % of South African adults overweight who are likely to be among the 6.3 million suffering from hypertension – a precursor for heart disease and other forms of serious illness – it has never been more important for South Africans to make healthy eating part of a healthy lifestyle.

Breakfast, yea or nay?

Are you one of those who only eats something by ten or eleven in the morning? Or is breakfast part of your daily routine? Some say they can’t eat that early, while others feel the morning rush leaves no time…

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To sauté or not to sauté

You don’t have to consider yourself a foodie to be a good cook. Nor is a chef’s qualification necessary to feel confident in the kitchen. You may have heard the saying, ‘if you can read, you can cook’. So, all…

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Skillful in the kitchen

It’s one thing to tell people to make healthy eating habits a lifestyle, but if you’re not so confident in the kitchen, this may seem like a daunting task. Luckily, learning to cook is one of those skills that almost…

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